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For Better or Worse
On May 3rd, I went in for Cochlear Implant surgery and had one installed in my right ear. Everyone I talked to felt it was the right course of action, except for me, right up until the end. However, the alternative, the healing ministry that I was considering going to...Well, I was lead to a place of enlightenment about that by reading the following three articles.

All this time I feel now that God was showing me these things to get me to trust Him in doing this work in my life. It came down to a point where I could only have afforded to do one thing, and I realized with the help of these articles that I didn't need to pay a man $500+ to ask God for healing. Looking back at it now, the whole thing seems rather presumptuous; that he seems to indicate that he knows more than the general church; like he's the only one that can lead you to healing...You can ask God to heal you as much as you want, but if He's going to do it, he's going to do it in His way; and I've seen some very strong evidence that He uses doctors to heal just as well as instant miracles. Maybe Pastor Wright is correct in some of his discoveries. I feel that he very well may be, but the form his ministry has taken doesn't seem right. Plus the guy had a heart attack recently which means that he isn't practicing what he preaches! I'm glad he recovered and all, but needing an emergency double-bypass surgery is pretty far from "100% disease eradication", and if he's promising this is what God offers for us today you would think that he'd be a model of it.

Regarding my surgery...It was a difficult process to go through. I was anesthetized, so I experienced nothing...but the recovery has been long and difficult. My right ear is now dead; even the tinnitus I've dealt with all my life is much reduced. When I first came to after the surgery I heard sounds like a train full of crickets rushing past, but that's not happening any more. My head was wrapped in a huge bandage. It felt...really sore and was mostly numb for many days. Felt strange sensations in my jaws and teeth and my sense of taste was lost on that side of my tongue. The pain actually was pretty tolerable up until yesterday when it got to a point where I couldn't stand it for a moment.

Today things are much better. I can still feel this thing inside my head, but it does not hurt as much. The bandage is gone now and I even have feeling in my ear again. Some of my sense of taste has returned as well; I've been practicing with different flavored candies such as shock tarts and gummy bears, and with a bit of time and concentration I'm getting good results. Did this at the Avengers, which I decided to see in spite of having one ear now, and when the movie let out I was able to taste a free sample of apple juice at I'm making progress there. Solid foods are still giving me a problem, especially meats and breads, but I'm going to continue practicing and try not to think too much about it; I'm sure it'll come back to me without my really noticing.

Today I am going to try going back to work. I have my doctor's orders regarding restrictions; I think I can manage this. Right now it's just steady going for a while as I recover. In a months time the doctors will activate the implant and I will be able to start using it for hearing. I am told that things will not sound natural at first, but in time it will normalize. They think I have a good chance with it since I came into the surgery already being able to hear; my brain knows what things are supposed to sound like, so it will interpret signals from the implant easier once it gets used to it. Really I'm just waiting for the feeling of having this in my head to normalize. I need that to happen first.

Things are going to be different now. I trusted God in doing this; I'm giving it an honest shot.

Experts suggest that mounting damage to the world's oceans could end up costing us $2 Trillion a year to recover from/maintain our current lifestyles. This isn't something you see Congress factoring into their budget now, but if they continue to do nothing about it, it will be.

Here's a look at some of the manliest homes in America. Guys can be pretty great homemakers too, y'know!

A Time Capsule from 1912 was opened by General Electric officials in Cleveland to commemorate the 100th anniversary of their industrial park. Among the usual photographs and newspaper clippings, some original lightbulbs from the era were included, some of which were discovered to still work!

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You know, you should really start giving credit where credit is due...


Yeah, I'm really glad you showed me the first of these articles. I think it ultimately boiled down to me flipping my lid over having to go through an irreversible, life-altering procedure that I didn't think I was ready for.

There was something specific in the book mentioned about pharmacists actually, that I thought was interesting, and correlated to one of the testimonials I happened to read that felt...really off.

In the book, the pastor mentions that the Hebrew word commonly translated as witchcraft is pharmakemia. Being no scholar of Hebrew (which is apparently far more complex than either Greek or English), I have to take his word for it that pharmacists are basically evil. He doesn't explain hows or whys, he simply points out this translation and leaves it up to the reader to correlate whatever. (Personally I took it to mean that taking drugs for recreational purposes or to treat symptoms of something with more tangible underlying causes was the evil insinuated here, although the Pastor claims that the cause of all disease is sin unrepented for, so there are also implications that the pharmacist functions to lure Man away from God with some imperfect facsimile of real healing.)

This little detail came up again when in one of the testimonials claimed that they were healed of a disease by medicine before getting other diseases healed in the Pastor's ministry. But they did not actually say this. What they actually said was that "They were healed by the Devil."

So this got me thinking. In order for this theology to be true, it would have to follow that there are sometimes decisions made by God (whether or not to heal someone) that can be reversed or acted upon anyways by the Devil. This pretty much goes against every shred of teaching the Bible has concerning the adversary, since it's unquestioned that God is the more powerful of the two.

It's what I wanted to get your opinion on when I tagged you that night, but I couldn't come up with a good way to break it to you that this guy was equating your profession with witchcraft. But then you showed me the article and I looked into it more and it basically validated this discrepancy in the teachings by pointing out others.

So thanks again, Fox! ^-^

I showed you the first two. :P

Adrian, I have a tough skin. I wouldn't have been insulted. <3 Glad you're healing up, too. It might be a while before everything falls into place. You said you feel it's been long already, and it hasn't even been a week! But seriously, time will pass regardless, and soon you'll find it's not a hindrance.


*hugs* I'm wishing you all the best hon. You're an amazing person and you just took a huge step in your life. I'm proud of you and proud for you! I sent you some IMs but I'll repeat it here - I'm wishing for the best for you including a speedy recovery and success.

*gives you all the hugs!*

Thank you so much for the well-wishes! It is certainly a big step for me and it will take a lot of getting used to. I'm glad I have such great friends like you to pull for me; it gives me a sense that I have people to rally behind on those days when I feel like I need a hand.

Christian Science has never appealed to me that much. It reminds me of that movie where that lady is sitting in a boat shaped house waiting for help from above when there's a doctor right there.
What's equally bad are all those Christian tracts that tell you that all you need to do to conquer depression is pray and read the bible a lot, or that you need to do an exorcism to get rid of the depression. It's fine if you're sad because your puppy dog died or you're actually possessed, or both, but it's extremely unhelpful if you're someone who has a chemical imbalance.

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