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Things Left Unsaid (part 2)
What else has happened that I haven't been talking about? I went to a (more or less) local anime convention with an old friend of mine from high school, one of my last remaining real world friends. He runs the SC Chapter of Bronies, and organized a meetup at the convention so that everyone could watch the new episode that conveniently aired that day. It was just a two-day con, and I was only there for one day, but it was a pleasant outing and it was great to see my old friend again. I was able to get a nicely drawn Mega-Man art poster from one of the premier Mega-Man fan artists, and I got some really cool DragonBall Z collectable figurine sculptures.

The convention turned out to be the last nail in the coffin in terms of pushing me towards getting an implant. I heard less than jack shit. The one event we went to; a pokemon trivia contest, I had to sit out  because I couldn't tell what was going on. I still had fun though, and I got a lot of pictures of cosplayers, some of whom were really neat! 

You can see them below.

Robin. I think the first (and only) canon female Robin was a girl named Stephanie who had personality disorder related issues and tried to force her way into the role. Batman tolerated her until she fucked up, and when she tried to do it on her own she got killed. The cosplayer here looks somewhat like her.

Harley Quinn, "girlfriend" to The Joker.

My friend James (prominent) and the SC Bronies Group. They really are 20% cooler.

3rd Gen "Team Rocket". I know the one is Team Magma, but I forget the other...They were both essentially environmental terrorist groups.

1st Gen Star-Trek. Your homemade Star-Trek uniform is really impressing me.

A Captain Jack Sparrow.

Master Chief, who spent most of his time hunting Bronies and Furries.


Red Spy. (Team Fortress 2) He herd we lieked Mudkips.

Vriska, troll from Homestuck.

Terry Bogard, of Fatal Fury fame.

It was a long drive for just a few hours of fun, but I think it was a necessary experience for me. There's another one in October that I plan to visit. It was going to be my first major event with my implant, but I have since made plans to fly to Las Vegas in a few weeks to meet my friends in the old Star-Fox RPG, ceg_lylat. That will probably be the focus of my next few posts, since I leave like, practically in a week.

The sun erupted the strongest solar flare of the summer a few days ago. Increased flare activity can disrupt satellites and electricity, so be prepared to experience possible service outages over the next week.

A guy in Russia survives a 393 foot drop, managing to make his fall look just like something you'd see in a Hannah-Barbara cartoon.

They say your eyes are the windows to your soul, but they're also windows into your health. Here are 14 things your eyes say about how healthy you are.

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<3 love the pics! Though I'd already seen most of them :p

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