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Las Vegas
At the end of the week I will be going on the biggest adventure I've ever undertaken. I'm going to be flying across the United States to visit my friends in ceg_lylat in shiny Las Vegas for the hacker convention DEFCon. This is a convention that for years my friends have been trying to get me to attend, and now finally, after everything I've gone through, the time is right.

Listen, I'd also like to make a bit of a confession. I realize that I have been a rather poor friend in regards to my online presence. It is all-but nonexistent in some places and in others I spend more time than I probably should. I haven't been keeping up with my friends here like I should and I didn't realize it chafed some of you but it apparently has! For that I apologize. I am making more of an effort to keep up with the lives of my friends.

To that effect, posts about myself will be coming with less frequency, with the exception of major things going on in my life.

The blogging experience has been interesting. Since I started writing here, my life has gone through a lot of changes. School, college, work, losing my hearing and regaining it...Last week my little brother got married. Yay? I could probably start a music blog, now that I think about it, but I don't think I will. I don't need another thing to pull at my priorities. I'm still writing reviews, even though I've given up hope of ever being paid for them. It's moot now that I have a good job with benefits anyways.

I'm still torn about what I should do about moving out. I wanted to just buy a house, but I really don't know. There isn't much for me here aside from my work, but if I go somewhere else there's no guarantee I'll find another job that will meet my needs as well as this one. Don't really want a condo; I would like a house with some space, but by that same token I can only afford so much here. After I get back from Vegas, my focus is going to turn toward getting out of here. Anyways, next time I post, I'll have tales and pictures from my grand adventure. I still have preparations to make for now. Going to get some new shoes for one. Need to book a hotel in Atlanta so I'm not paying through the nose to keep my car at the airport. Fun stuff!

Netflix does not offer captions with everything it offers, unfortunately. Thankfully you can go here to see all the films that do have captioning through the service.

Fontbomb! Blow up websites you don't like!

Someone is attempting to do something that's never been done before...crowdsource a next-gen console. The OUYA is slated to run on Android and will be a completely open and hackable system. The developers are actively encouraging anyone to make their own mods and apps for it. The games will be sold through an integrated marketplace (there are no optical drives) and will be free to play or will have some sort of free playability, like demos and stuff. Their goal is to create a game system that can stand on it's own while supporting unprecedented contribution from it's user base and lowering the cost of video gaming.
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