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Effect A Trade 2
I have some more things I'm looking to trade away! I'm hoping to trade these for DVD's, music CD's, books, or video games that you no longer use/need/want, that way we both get the chance to experience something new without having to throw stuff out to make space, and without having to pay more than shipping (which I don't mind covering for you, if needed).

Here's what I've got this round!


I have a steam-redeemable code for Beat Hazard that I no longer need. I got it through Indie Gala 5 since I wanted some of the other games on offer and Beat Hazard was the only one I already had. Beat Hazard is a mouse & key controlled space shooter similar to Asteroids, except the game is powered by your music. Enemies, powerups, and other game elements are affected by things such as tempo, beat, waveform and volume, so each song you play through it will offer a slightly different play experience.


(1)A sampler disc full of Black Metal/Death Metal bands that I picked up somewhere. I am not 100% sure, but I think it came from a music magazine focusing on Black Metal called Terrorizor. The compilation is known as Fear Candy 106 and has the following track listing:

"Spell Eater" by Huntress
"Death By Nature" by The Wretched End
"Odalheim" by Unleashed
"Lickanthrope" by Moonspell
"The Storm" by Wodensthrone
"Realms Of Dementia" by Mutilation Rites
"A Living, Breathing Piece Of Defecating Meat" by Cattle Decapitation
"Mountains" by Bleeding Oath
"Kicking" by Torche
"Ahriman" by Horseback
"Phoenix Rising" by Before The Dawn
"Earth" by Reverence
"The Unavailing Surpasser" by Magenta Harvest
"Smoke For The Pain" by Killerfix
"This Still Remains" by Bloodloss
"Me VS The Cables" by Intensive Square
"Age Of Men" by Primitive
"Indicators Of Resistance" by Junkie Kut

The cd is the original disc and in mint condition; comes in original slip-sleeve, but I'm afraid I do not have the magazine that goes with it, assuming one does.

(2) A bootleg I made of German rock band Son Goku's only album Crashkurs. I had to pirate this initially because at the time it came out it was not available at all in the United States. You couldn't even order it from online. Stylistically they are reminiscent of Linkin Park's rap-rock sound (as of Meteora), only Son Goku does more along the lines of spoken word songs instead of rapping. Their singing is really good; clear and full of radio friendly harmonies. It is straight-up hard rock; not nu-metal or alternative. I would also like to mention here that these guys only put out this one album before breaking up, and it was only available in a certain part of Germany and was only popular for a two to three year period.

In other words, it was so obscure that it took me five years to pirate the entire album over then popular file sharing sites. Another five years or so after that decided to stop separating their international houses and make foreign goods available to anyone willing to pay import fees, so I have finally been able to purchase the actual album. That said, I no longer need this bootleg, and would like to give someone else the chance to experience the band. Here's the track listing:

"An Alle"
"Gebet Dank"
"Alle Fur Jeden"
"Hier Sind Wir Sind Heir"
"Tut Mir Lied"
"Ist Dast Dein Lebien?"
"Wessen Shicksal"
"Sofort Aufhoren"
"Leicht Lautet Alle Glocken"
"Wann Wilst Du Leben, Wenn Nicht Jetzt"

CD is in like new conditon and kept in a jewel case.

Just post here with an offer if you're interested in one of these. We can make further arrangements through notes if you are offering something that interests me in turn!

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Gee, Happy Birthday.



Old post is old. I guess I should update this more often.

Only one I could find to post at.


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