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It's been a long time. Much has changed.

I'm honestly not the same person I was when I first started this journal. Oh, the core tennants are still there. I still believe in things like honor and truth, love and friendship...but too much has happened to me. I'm older, dare say wiser (though I'm sure I'll always be doing regretful stupid shit), and a great deal more experienced.

The past year has been an equal mix of hellish and bittersweet.

I lost my hearing and gained it back better than before. I had a crisis of faith and put to rest the old doubts while learning a fundamental truth about God. I flew to Las Vegas and stayed for a week, meeting some cherished friends and having a fantastic time with them, only to see the group nearly fall apart months later over differences in perception. I learned that friendship sometimes requires degrees of dedication that run deeper than understanding or respecting the other party.

I saw a lot of people in the fandom die in horrible ways or undeserving circumstances, including a person who's journal I used to follow.

I discovered new music, I spent more money on others than I did on myself, I started drinking more to distract myself from my implant...

I went mountain hiking with friends.

I did a lot of stuff I never ever thought I'd get to do in 2012. This year I expect to get a house, either buying or renting, so I'll finally have my own place to stay. Beyond that, it's difficult to say what may lie in store for me in the days ahead. Buying a house will take up most of my finances, so I doubt I will be able to travel as much this year, even though there are still a lot of places I'd like to go to, and people I'd like to see.

I will say though, that for perhaps the first time in a long time, my future is actually developing a positive aspect. I feel good about where I am now, and where I am going. I am ready to let go of some of the things holding me back, should they prove a hindrance.  I'm ready to take charge and interact with people in new ways.

2013 is full of promise. The world hasn't ended, and we're doing this.

Of all the weird conditions you can possibly end up with, here is one that makes your scalp look like a brain.

Alcohol affects women differently than men.

Anti-science is a growing problem and not just in America. In Italy, scientists were jailed for "failing to warn" of the massive quake that struck the region last year.